Care Farming, known also as Green Care Therapy or Social Farming, and reminiscent of the age old community based farm, has been gaining momentum since the late 80s. There are now thousands of such farms across many countries in Europe and Asia with rising numbers in the Americas. The research base and networks are also growing. On this page, we highlight a few resources. If you are interested in more research papers or possible networks in your area, please contact us.

The Country Side of Care:   A Documentary by Dutch filmmaker, Sanne Hijlkema, about our very own Care Farm Program in the Flathead Valley.

A summary of a recent review of our program by Professor Keith Anderson at the University of Montana: lifeside-farms-summary-of-evaluation-um-keith-anderson. His research was also published. For that publication, click here.

An overview of international research about the effects of Care Farms for different populations: Effectenstudie-zorgLB-Eng-MAILversie

And a summary of the same report: Effects and qualities of care farms

A summary of effects of Care Farms related for people living with Dementia and Alzheimer’s by Eilon Caspi Phd:

Exploring salutogenic mechanisms

A report on how Care Farming has developed in different countries, including Montana! Report Development of Care Farming YvetteBuist

Some great short movies, giving you a feel for what Care Farms are:

And an overview of effect of Care Farms for people living with Dementia and/or Alzheimer’s:

Social Farming networks, like:

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