Care Farm Challenge

Every Summer, we host our annual Care Farm challenge on the last Saturday of July.

The challenge takes place on Centennial Farm and is a farm style obstacle race for our friends with disabilities. Our Care Farm participants work for months to build an exciting course where athletes will face creek crossings, Care farm challenge banner logoclimbing obstacles, and many other challenges to reach the finish. We have a reliable team of volunteers who are placed throughout the course to lend a helping hand when needed, and make sure everyone gets through safely. And as always, we wrap up the event with a wonderful BBQ lunch afterwards for the participants, visitors and spectators. Please join us on the last Saturday of July, July 29th from 10 AM to 1 PM  for another exciting race, awards, BBQ and prizes; this is our biggest party of the year! The event is open to the public and free for all participants thanks to many generous donors in our community. If you need help getting to the race, please indicate so on your registration form.

Click here if you want to sign up for the race. Each participant is required to fill out a registration form.

If you have questions or need more information, please call Rachel Grant at 406-471-1613, or email

Click in our Care Farm challenge Gallery to look at some pictures from our previous races.

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