Events and Updates

  • This summer we started a totally new program in collaboration with our local Center for Restorative Youth Justice (CRYJ): a summer job skills program. It was a wonderful success and The Flathead Beacon wrote a lovely article about it and our regular programs.
  • First Annual Expressive Arts show, in collaboration with Art & Soul. The Beacon did an article on it and here are some photos.
  • We won the Montana SLTC 2016 Exemplary Program award; nominated by case management. What an honor!
  • The Flathead Beacon wrote up a cool piece about our program.
  • Sanne Hijlkema, a film maker from the Netherlands, produced an independent documentary about our program, “The Countryside of Care”. She is working on a tour to show the film in parts of the US and Europe. If you have interest in screening the film in your area, please contact us or visit “The Countryside of Care” on Facebook.  Here is a preview.
  • The Lifeside Farms program recently won the National “Promising Practices Award” from the Mather Lifeways Institute on Aging. We were really proud of that. Click here for more information
  • The Flathead Beacon did a cool multimedia article about Flathead Care Farming recently (click here).
  • The Daily Interlake wrote a wonderful article about our program after we one the national award. Click here
  • MTPR did a great item on our program: MTPR item.
  • As a fun and empowering event, we organize our annual obstacle course race for people with disabilities on Centennial Farm: the Care Farm Challenge! Click here to read more about the challenge.
  • We send out periodic newsletters to those interested in our programs. Please find our recent newsletters below:

If you are interested in receiving the newsletters as they come out, please contact us.

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